Tradejini offers investors Platform to invest and trade in the Indian Secondary Market. Tradejini offers a bouquet of products and services that include Cash Segments and Derivatives Segments across all major stock and commodity exchanges. Tradejini offers both online and offline trading services to Resident and Non-resident Indians.

Tradejini is backed by a professional team and strong technology to match the current trending needs of customers to provide world-class service to the discerning traders and investors. With a strong focus on retail segment of clients, Tradejini will be the ultimate choice for trading customers as we have one of the lowest turnaround times in the industry in resolving client queries. The brokerage charged is per executed order and hence is not dependent on the volume or turnover thereby giving the traders a lower breakeven point for every trade.

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Equity Trading

This segment refers to trading in various instruments available for trading on the Indian Stock Exchange Platforms. It can be Equity Shares, Debt Instruments, Mutual funds, ETF’s etc.,. The trading can be either for delivery or Intraday square off trades. Delivery trades result in receiving or delivering of Shares to the exchange which is settled on T+2 basis. Tradejini provides both the options as above with full amount requirement for Delivery trades and leveraged amount for Intraday trades. To Trade in this segment, requirement of a Demat Account is compulsory.

DEMAT Account

Dematerialisation is an electronic form of holding Securities just as money is available in bank account in electronic form. Holding securities in electronic mode is more secure and hassle free as it provides for seamless transfer without any future risk to the title. Tradejini offers CDSL depository services for its customers to hold securities in electronic form. Customers who intend to trade in stocks need to have a De-mat account and this service can also be used to manage their other investments. Currently De-mat services cover all major financial products such as Shares, Bonds & Debentures, Infrastructure bonds, Preference shares, Mutual Funds, Gold Bonds, ETF’s and in the near future even Insurance Policies and other Financial Instruments will be added to this list of securities.

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Derivatives Trading

Derivatives are financial contracts for a fixed period which derive its value from underlying Asset. The underlying in Indian markets can be stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and interest rate futures. These Instruments allows you to bet on the future direction of underlying asset by trading in Futures and Options Contracts provided by the Exchanges.

Again the trades can either be for carry forward till expiry or intraday trading. The margins as stipulated by the exchanges must be maintained.

For Stock and Currencies we provide all the instruments as available on NSE and BSE. For Commodities we provide the instruments which are available on the Multi commodity Exchange of India.

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Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund is an excellent investment product with diversified risk and professionally managed to optimize the Risk Vs Return. A mutual fund product delivers above-market return for a below-market risk and is an ideal savings vehicle be it one-time or regular savings. Investors can choose to save their money or invest in such long-term assets through the NSE and BSE Mutual Fund platform to channelize the savings in the right segment. Tradejini provides seamless transaction service support from the listed schemes in the exchange. They can choose to deal in Mutual fund through the De-mat route or non-Demat route as per their convenience

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NRI Services

Tradejini provides trading accounts for NRI’s who wish to invest in Stocks or trade in Derivatives and assists them in opening a designated bank account for respective segments. Currently NRI’s are not allowed to trade in currencies and commodities. NRI’s wanting to trade in Derivatives (Futures & options) need to do so with their NRO account and investing in stocks can be done through both NRE and NRO Accounts.

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