About us

Tradejini was incorporated in the year 2012, started by 2 entrepreneurs having a combined experience of over 60 years in stock broking and Stock Investing. It has memberships of NSE,BSE,MCX,MSEI and is a Depository Participant with CDSL. Starting from scratch it has scaled up its operations from being a 5 member team to over 60 now and a turnover of over 1000 crores a day reaching across over 1000 cities all over India and abroad. It is ably supported by a team of professionals who are passionate about providing Trading services.

We provide services for trading in Equity Delivery, Equity Intraday,Stock Futures,Stock options,Currency Futures, Currency options,Commodity futures,Debt instruments traded on exchanges,Investments in Mutual funds, holding dematerialised financial instruments and trading in Exchange Traded funds.

We aim to be a generic name in the Online Discount Broking industry in India backed by our expertise in providing traders and investors with Innovative tools to power their trades.

Philosophy & Values

  • Our Central Goal at Tradejini is to minimize the cost of transactions so as to ethically maximize the profits of clients in the long term.
  • That’s a single goal, with three components : ethics, profits, longevity. We believe that these ideas are in harmony rather than at odds at Tradejini.
  • Say goodbye to % based trading commissions and hello to the future trading.
  • Tradejini started with the idea that a technology-driven broking house could operate at a significantly lower overhead cost compared to the existing broking houses.


We take pride that trading is done in a manner that doesn’t impose hidden costs or risks on our Clients. No one at Tradejini will be asked to defend a position, execute a transaction, or state an opinion that they don’t believe in. It’s crucial to us that interactions at Tradejini and interactions between our people and others, are conducted honestly and openly.