Account Opening

How do I open an account?

  • Go through our online KYC process and enter the necessary data.
  • Download Account opening form from our website,fill & sign up the same and submit it to our Corporate office along with necessary supporting documents.Downloads Application
  • If you want us to courier you the application form to your address call our number 080-40204020 or send mail to Fill & sign up the same and submit it to our corporate office along with necessary supporting documents.

How long does it take to open the account? Can we trade immediately?

  • Your Trading and Demat account will be activated in less than 24 hours from the receipt of your completed application form along with the supporting documents.
  • On Activation from our end You will receive an email to your registered email address with Login credentials and you are ready to Trade.

What necessary documents are required to be attached?

  • Proof of Identity [PAN Card mandatory]
  • Proof of Address
  • Bank Account Details
  • Passport size colour Photographs
  • Income Proof (in case of trading in F&O segments)

Trading Platform

When it comes to trade executions, Tradejini knows that a fraction of a seconds is all it takes for a stock price to fluctuate, potentially impacting a trade.

Once your Account is activated you can use the below mentioned advanced Trading Platforms for trading

    • EXE based – Tradejini Provides Customizable Cube Trader interface to Trade in all segments like NSE, BSE and MCX along with Smart orders(Bracket and Cover) which can be placed in few clicks – Download
    • Web based – You can login to CUBE web portal using
    • Mobile App – CUBE to place all your trades from the comfort of your Mobile
Click here to download – Android/IOS

What types of orders are offered by Tradejini ?

  • Limit Order
  • Market Order
  • Stop loss limit order
  • Stop loss Market order
  • Spread order
  • Cover order
  • Bracket Order with Trailing Stop Loss
  • Basket order
  • Trigger Order
  • One cancels other order

Fund Payin/Payout

You need to transfer money from your registered bank account to Tradejini Bank account for doing Buy/sell Transactions.

What is the most preferred option for fund transfer to trading Account?

There are five convenient options:

  • Payment gateway (Immediate Credit with surcharge)
  • UPI (Immediate Credit)
  • IMPS – Immediate credit Upto Rs. 5 lakhs
  • NEFT / RTGS (5mins – 1 hour)
  • Through Cheques (2 to 7 days)

Procedure for withdrawing money from your Trading Account

  • Please Login to Backoffice and go to funds tab to place payout request.
  • Pay-Out is processed once a day.
  • Pay-Out placed on a calendar day will be processed next day morning.
  • Please note Pay-Out will not be processed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
  • You will get SMS confirmation once the amount is processed.


What are the Margin requirements for Equity Delivery and Overnight carry forward FNO positions? What Product type we should select while placing order?

Delivery in Equity: if you want to buy for Delivery (buy stock and hold them overnight) and sell for Delivery (sell stocks and deliver to exchange ) in CM segment, you will have to place your orders under product type “CNC”.

  • You need to have enough funds in your Account for full value of the buying to be made.
  • You need to have enough quantity of shares in your demat account for selling shares.
  • Demat account should be mapped to your trading account.
  • Short sell not allowed in this product.

Carry forward FO Trades : if you wish to carry forward positions to the next trading day, you will have to place your orders under product type “NRML”.

  • Product can be used in Future and Option Orders. (NSE – FNO & CDS and MCX)
  • Placing orders under this product type NRML will require full margins as specified by Exchange.

How much leverage you will provide for Intraday? What product type we should select while placing Intraday Order?

Intraday Square off -MIS (Margin Intraday Square off): If you wish to trade for intraday purpose in any Exchange and segment, you will have to place your orders under product type “MIS”.

  • Intraday margins for Cash are pre-determined, so you will get up to 5 times exposure on your cash.
  • No leverages for FNO segments.
  • All MIS orders will be closed before 15 minutes to market close time and the auto square off charges are levied at RS.20+GST per executed order.

Trading Add-Ons

What are the other utilities and add-ons provided to your clients?

  • Brokerage calculator- which gives transparency about the charges before placing the order.
  • Margin calculator which gives information about the required amount for taking FNO positions.
  • Option calculator which calculates the Options geeks before placing an order .

Back Office Utilities for Clients

What information is provided in the Back office?
  • Trade Register – which gives Historical Trade details
  • Contract Note summary and details
  • Portfolio for all segment with original Buying price
  • DP holdings and Transactions
  • Ledger
  • Profit and loss report
  • Funds payin and Funds payout
  • Referral commission details and payout request