Become A Tradejini Online Partner

The online Partner module is provided by Tradejini will help you set up a business with immense earning potential. The key aspect to this partnership which is different from a traditional franchise business are-

  • It does not require any investments in terms of cash deposits or infrastructure cost etc.
  • It will help capture the networking aspect of the broking business which traditional brokers will not be able to capitalize on.
  • Key Benefits
  • Expectations
  • Work Plan
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Tradejini has been able to create a positive impact with the trading community. Our approach differs from that of a traditional broker. We have transparent pricing and efficient customer support.
  • Over 60% of the clients are vulnerable to shift in a normal brokerage due to better offer elsewhere. Almost 95% of clients under discount brokerage are retained and don’t switch loyalty.
  • Advance trading platform with an option to trade on all Exchanges (NSE,BSE,MCX,MSEI) and all Segments on a single screen.
  • We have features like charts, cover order, bracket order and basket order etc.
  • We have a standard flat brokerage pricing which is uniform across the board for all exchanges and all segments.
  • To be responsible and efficient while handling client response
  • A clear business plan for this business segment with long-term view
  • To share to clients all that are portrayed in our website or information shared by us for dissemination to clients only
  • Not to misrepresent/mislead any prospect/client with information other than what is available on our website
  • Any violation of the policy can lead to suspension of OP status
  • Partner will ensure that the onboarding clients are of a good financial Status and clean record with no payment default history. He also should ensure that the onboarding client has no record of any SEBI action against him previously

We sign up with potential online Partner who has an existing client base or they have been dreaming about an online initiative that will connect to people across locations. In either case, the following will explain the process to be followed.

  • You will update all your prospects as leads on our Back Office (BO) through the BO login id which will be created for you. If you intend to capture the lead in your website, we will provide an online form/link which will directly update the same on our back office. A lead will be qualified by the mobile number or email id
  • Once in the back office, this will be mapped under you and as long as (6 months of update into Back office) this lead opens an account using the same mobile number and /or email id, he would be treated as your client
  • Once the lead is on the Back office, you can either call him/her to open an account or use the sales person/team assigned to you by Tradejini for the same
  • Co-ordinate with our sales/account opening team to ensure that the account is opened and a demo is given on how to use the trading platform
  • Online Partner holds immense potential in building and nourishing his client network that traditional business cannot. What does this mean?
    • If the client introduced is interested to open an account and satisfied with trading services of Tradejini, he would be most likely to introduce new business to us through our ClientReferral Program. Past experience shows that most clients end up giving referrals and such leads automatically gets posted to you and can be tracked in our back office
    • Referral partners are expected to track the lead posted by the clients and complete the account opening formality
    • The partners are expected to follow the lead within one week and convert the same
    • Once the account is opened they will be mapped to you and increase your network of clients which can yield new referral leading to further business
    • Please note that if the referral partner is not active and does not pro-actively follow the client, Tradejini has all the right to follow the lead posted by its client. Tradejini has the right to map the clients directly if the partners are found to be lacking in their initiative to follow up
  • Mutually agreed terms linked to brokerage

The Revenue sharing ranges between 10% to 50% depending on the potential and actual achievement from the Partner end. You can submit us your plan of action along with estimated clients who can be on boarded month on month basis – We will evaluate the same and provide you the revenue sharing ratio slabs depending on the potential.

There is no limit on the number of clients who can be mapped to you. Given the incentive, you will mostly likely to bring in new referrals. As a general practice, the trader community is well networked and once they see the benefit they will keep spreading the good message. So in a sense it is a self-propelling prophecy of strong referral. Since we are not in the business of advising clients there is all possibility they will only continue to trade through us leading to a perpetual annuity for Online Partner.

So we reconfirm that we don’t take any deposit and you could come on board if you have genuine interest to build business with a long-term goal with a rich and highly rewarding experience with us. Please always remember to take our approval before releasing any advertisement or using any marketing material to promote the services as it has to follow the exchange and SEBI guidelines.