Each of the following videos are extremely well researched and based on actual customer feedback regarding the difficulties/confusions some of them might have in accessing our Trading Software easily and efficiently . There is a little bit of write up also against each topic so that you can have a reference point while navigating the videos. Please click any of the links below to see the video instantly:

NEST Login

Logging into your NEST account is simple. Log in window will open in the main screen. Enter the log in id and password sent to your registered email id, click Log in. For first time users have to select a picture password for additional authentication, kindly select any one from the options provided, click Save.Users on first time log in will have to select five questions for authentication.Please select any five questions.Kindly remember the answers to these five questions since these might be used for future log ins.Click Save.First time users also are prompted do change the password for security reasons.Just continue to go with the screen prompts and you will be able to now log in into your account.

Change Password
Forget Password
Create Market Watch And Add Scrip
How To Place Buy Order
Sell Order
Cover Order
Spread Order
Basket Order
Position Conversions
View Limits
View Holdings And Perform Square Off
AMO(After Market Orders)
Set Alerts
What If Analysis
Span Margin Calculator
Admin Position
Nest Changing Setting
Funds Pay In